The Jambalaya shrimp processing plant generates 0.012 m/s of waste- water each day. The wastewater is treated in an activated sludge plant. The average BODs of the raw wastewater before primary settling is ,400 g/L. The aeration tank has effective liquid dimensions of 8.0 m wide by 8.0 m long by 5.0 m deep. The plant operating parameters are as follows: Soluble BOD, after primary settling = 966 mg/L MLVSS = 2.000 mg/L MLSS = 1.25 (MLVSS) Settled sludge volume after 30 min = 225.0 mL/L Aeration tank liquid temperture = 15°C Determine the following: aeration period, F/M ratio, SVI, solids concen- tration in the return sludge.

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