Fill in the blanks.

(i) A program flowchart indicates the __________ to be performed and the __________ in which they occur.

(ii) A program flowchart is generally read from __________ to __________.

(iii) Flowcharting symbols are connected together by means of __________.

(iv) A decision symbol may be used in determining the __________ or __________ of two data items.

(v) __________ are used to join remote portions of a flowchart.

(vi) __________ connectors are used when a flowchart ends on one page and begins again on another page.

(vii) A __________ symbol is used at the beginning and end of a flowchart.

(viii) The flowchart is one of the best ways of __________ a program.

(ix) To construct a flowchart, one must adhere to prescribed symbols provided by the __________.

(x) The programmer uses a __________ to aid him in drawing flowchart symbols.

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