Write a program that allows a customer to order one or more pizzas from your local pizza shop. Create a menu driven program that will allow the user to add pizzas to an order. Customers would be allowed to add individual toppings to a pizza (limit 7) or choose a specialty which will add a specified set of toppings to your pizza (i.e. MeatLovers, Veggie, Supreme, etc.). Add at least one item from each category to your order and then print out the list of items ordered (name, description, and price). Display the number of items ordered and the total price/tax/suggested tip.

  • Create a Pizza class
    • Create an enumeration type for pizza sizes and styles.
    • Pizzas can have a size of:
      • personal,
      • medium,
      • large, or
      • family
    • Pizzas can have a style of:
      • Deep Dish,
      • Thin Crust,
      • Brooklyn, or
      • Traditional
    • Create an enumeration type for the pizza toppings with at least 10-12 toppings (e.g. sausage, jalapeno, etc.).
    • Create an enumeration type for at least 5 specialty pizzas (e.g. meat lovers, veggie, supreme, etc.)
    • Add to your Pizza class a ‘Set’ of pizza toppings (which will contain a collection of unique toppings – no duplicates allowed).
      • Limit the number of toppings on a pizza to 7.
  • Main Program
    • Allow the user to order one or more pizzas
    • Use a map correlating the enumeration types to long text name for the sizes and styles (e.g. SMALL = “Small (10-Inch)”, DEEP = “Deep Dish”, etc.)
    • The user would be allowed to choose between “Add your own toppings” and “Specialty Pizzas”
      • Add your own toppings:
        • Use a map correlating the enumeration type to long text name for each topping (e.g. JALA = “Sliced Jalapeno Peppers”)
        • Allow users to add toppings to a pizza from the predetermined list of toppings (limit 7 toppings max).
      • Specialty Pizzas:
        • Identify several specialty pizzas (4-5) and create a SET of toppings for each specialty.
        • Use a map correlating the enumeration type to long text name for each specialty (e.g. MEAT = “Meat Lovers”, BCHZ = “Bacon Cheeseburger”)
        • Allow the user to order specialty pizzas based on the specialty identifier (e.g. “Meat Lovers”, “Veggie”, etc.)
        • Use a map of sets of toppings to load a predefined set of toppings into the pizza associated with the specialty.
    • Use a map to determine the base price of a pizza based on their size ($5.99, $6.99, $12.99, $14.99).
      • Modify your price structure to add $.50 per topping to the price.
    • The customer should be prompted as to whether they want to add additional items to their order (i.e. ‘add another pizza? y/n’).
    • Upon completing their order, the system should list out the items (in detail) they ordered with size, crust, “specialty” (if appropriate), toppings, and price. Display the total price, calculated tax (7%), and suggested tip.

Submit your source code (*.h *.cpp) and screen shots of three different orders.

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