Metabiota had closed its offices in downtown San Francisco, and its employees joined the legions of new remote workers. “It is painful to see the loss of livelihoods, insecurity, fear,” Oppenheim said, “when potentially we would have had tools to prevent that.” sanitation workers cleaning stairs Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Here’s all the WIRED coverage in one place, from how to keep your children entertained to how this outbreak is affecting the economy. BY EVE SNEIDER On the afternoon of April 10, as the worldwide death toll crossed 100,000, the data science and product teams gathered on a Zoom call to discuss a new Covid-19 scenario tool. The goal was to help an international aid agency concerned about the possible trajectories for developing countries. Metabiota’s models are built for long-term understanding rather than real-time analysis, but as clients turned to them for information, they scrambled to adapt.

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