All the statements are true for ‘Benchmarking’ except:

a) It stimulates performance
b) It helps in comparing performance with the market leader
c) Following the footsteps of new player in the market
d) Herd mentality can waste company’s resources

14. High Performance company has the following attribute:

a) Average percentage of employees hired on a validated selection test is less.
b) Percentage of companies with semiautonomous or autonomous work teams is less.
c) Average no. of employees receiving a regular performance appraisal is high.
d) Both A & B

15. Balanced Scorecard focuses on following parameters:

a) Internal processes only
b) Learning & Growth
c) Financial, customer satisfaction, internal process, learning & growth
d) Financial elements only
16. Strategic planning stage involves all the following elements except:

a) Setting the organizational goals
b) Designing strategies to achieve competitive advantage
c) Evaluating the effectiveness of goals
d) Setting the direction of a company to thrive in future

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