Create a program that allows a user to either validate a shipping label or generate a new shipping label
following the criteria below.

Your program must use multiple functions/subroutines in the solution.

Valid Shipping Label Requirements
Your company ships to 5 different states:
? California
? Nevada
? Oregon
? Washington
? Idaho

The valid range for a package ID is: 8000-9999 (inclusive)
Valid Shipping Label Format: PP-####-YYYY-XX
PP = The person’s initials
#### = Package ID
YYYY = The current year
XX = State abbreviation

Display a form that has two options:
? Validate a Shipping label
? Generate a shipping label
If the user selects Validate a Shipping Label, then your program will ask the user to:
? Enter a Shipping Label, including the dashes.
? Validate the Shipping Label, against the validation criteria
? Inform the user if the Shipping Label is valid or whether there were errors.
? If there were errors, list each one.
? After the user acknowledges the errors, hide the panel, clear the data and wait for the user to
make another choice

If the user selects Generate a Shipping Label button, your program will display a panel and allow the user to
? Their initials (2 letters)
? The current year (4 digits)
? Radio buttons with the available states the user can ship to
? Randomly generate a package ID in the range specified above
? Display the valid Shipping Label for the user
? Wait for the user to acknowledge they have seen the new Shipping Label
? Hide the panel, clear the data and wait for the user to make another choice

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