CSCI312 – Sorted (Ordered) Linked List In this assignment, you will implement a generic ordered SortedLinkedList class based upon the generic LinkedList class of your design. The use of a framework or third-party packages is prohibited. You can either utilize inheritance or composition in your implementation. The class must support a single Add method that accepts a single generic parameter as shown in the signature below. This parameter will be inserted into the list in its proper sequence (dictionary order, case-insensitive). public void Add(T element) There are four conditions that must be handled in your insert method: 1. The list is empty 2. The new element is smaller than the first element 3. The new element is larger than the last element 4. The new element is larger than the first element and smaller than the last element Demonstrate that your class is functional by creating an ordered list of integers, adding the test data (given below), and iterating over the list to display the contents of the list (in node order). Integer data: 7, 6, 10, 15, 4, 0, 10, -5, 3, 11, 6, 3, 0, 1, and 8. You may use C++, VB, C#, or Java to implement this program as long as the following requirements are met. A C++, VB, or C# project must be created using Visual Studio 2019. Java programs must be created in the Eclipse project format or provided in source code form with instructions on how to compile and run the program. Regardless of the language used, the entire project must be submitted as a single ZIP file that contains the project folder, source code, and documentation. Upload your completed project to Blackboard as a single ZIP or 7z file. (Continued on the next page) Grading Rubric A Generic Sorted Linked List class Possible Score Comment A class called SortedLinkedList exists in the project 10 The SortedLinkedList class is generic 15 The SortedLinkedList class implements the proper constraints on the type parameter 10 An Add method exists that matches the following signature public void Add(T element) 15 The SortedLinkedList class handles condition #1 above 20 The SortedLinkedList class handles condition #2 above 20 The SortedLinkedList class handles condition #3 above 20 The SortedLinkedList class handles condition #4 above 20 The program demonstrates functionality using the supplied data. 20 The program does not utilize a sorting routine of any kind other than an algorithm based upon the four conditions for handling an insert. IN C SHARP PLEASE!!
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