1.       Suppose
you are a contestant on this show. Intuitively, what do you think is the
probability that you win the car (i.e., that the door you pick has the car
hidden behind it)?

2.       Give
a one-sentence description of what you think probability means in this context.
Assuming there is no set pattern to where the game show puts the car initially,
this game is an example of a random process: Although the outcome for an
individual game is not known in advance, we expect to see a very predictable
pattern in the results if you play this game many, many times. The is pattern
is called a probability distribution, which is similar to a data distribution
like you examined with Old Faithful interruption times. We are interested in
features such as how common certain outcomes are—for example are you more
likely to win this game (select the door with the car) or lose this game? To
investigate what we mean by the term probability, we ask you to play the game
many times. Actually, we will simulate (ratify coaly re-create) playing the
game, keeping track of how oft en you win the car.

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