While a high school student in Texas, Andrea Axtell
conducted a project in which she investigated how well blindfolded students can
walk in a straight line. She recruited 30 subjects by randomly selecting
students at her school. She put the subjects on the center hash mark of a
football field’s goal line, blindfolded them, and asked them to walk in a
straight line toward the opposite goal line. She then recorded the yard line at
which the subject crossed the sideline, so larger values indicate that the
subject walked farther before veering off course. The data, including the
heights of the 30 subjects, appear in the fi le Walking Straight. Analyze the
data to investigate whether taller people tend to walk farther before veering
off course. Write a paragraph summarizing your findings. Include an appropriate
graph and numerical summaries. Also conduct inference (p-values, confidence
intervals) using both simulation- and theory-based methods. Summarize your

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