This question is based on the 50 U.S. states. Each state is an observational
unit, and the variables listed are measured separately for each of the 50
states. For each of the following pairs of variables, would you expect the
correlation to be strong and positive, moderate and positive, weak or very
weak, moderate and negative, or strong and negative?

 a. 2012 popular vote for Romney and 2012 popular vote for

 b. Total 2012 popular vote for president and 2012 number of
electoral votes

c. Number of McDonald’s restaurants and number of attorneys

d. High school graduation rate and percentage of people over
25 with a four-year college degree

e. Year of statehood and number of years as a state

 f. Year of statehood and longitude (east/west)

 g. Longitude and latitude (north/south)

h. Latitude and average annual temperature


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