The data in the fi le Gestation Life Expectancy gives the
gestation period (in days) and the life expectancy (in years) for a sample of
mammals. We will consider this sample to be representative of all mammals for
these two variables. Consider conducting an analysis to test whether the sample
data provide strong evidence of an association between gestation period and
life expectancy.

 a. What is the value of the slope of the regression line
and what does it mean in terms of gestation period and life expectancy?

b. State the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses in
terms of the population slope.

c. Use a theory-based approach to find a p-value. Do you
have strong evidence of an association between the two variables?

d. Remember that a Type II error is not rejecting a false
null hypothesis (or a missed opportunity). Do you think you made a Type II
error for this exercise? Why or why not?

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