At the beginning of the semester, students in a statistics class were asked to
give their estimates of how much their professor weighed (in pounds) and his
height (in inches). We want to see if students who give large estimates for
height will they also give large estimates for weight. In other words, is there
are positive association between these two variables. The data from the study
can be found in the fi le Height Weight. (The professor actually weighed about
160 pounds and was 72 inches tall.)

 a. Describe the population slope in the context of the
study and assign a symbol to it.

b. State the appropriate null and alternative hypotheses in
terms of the population slope using the symbol used in part (a).

 c. Is a theory-based test appropriate? Why or why not?

d. Regardless of your answer to the previous question, use a
theory-based approach to find the p-value to test the hypotheses stated in part
(b). Report and interpret this p-value in the context of the study.

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