You may have seen the test or puzzle where names of colors
are written out in colors not denoted by the name. For example the word green
might be written with red ink. The job of the person completing the test is to
say the word and not the color. This interference in the reaction time of
saying the words is called the Strop effect. Student researchers at Hope
College wanted to see if there was an association between age and the time it
takes people to read a list of 20 of these colored words. Their results can be
found in the data fi le Strop Age Time. The age is given in years and the time
to complete the task is given in seconds. Put the data in the Corr/Regression
applet and complete the following.

a. Write out the null and alternative hypotheses for this
study using a two-sided alternative.

 b. What is the slope of the regression line? What does that
number mean in the context of age and time to complete the task?

c. Conduct at least 1,000 shuffles of the data and find and
report the resulting p-value.

d. Summarize your conclusion from this analysis.

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