Online bookstore. The website can be used to obtain populations of books, CDs, and other wares.

a In the books search window, type in a genre you like, such as mystery or sports; you may want to narrow your search by selecting a subcategory since an upper bound is placed on the number of books that can be displayed. Choose a genre with at least 20 pages of listings. The list of books forms your population.

b What is your target population? What is the population size, N?

c Take an SRS of 50 books from your population. Describe how you selected the SRS, and record the amount of time you spent taking the sample and collecting the data.

d Record the following information for each book in your SRS: price, number of pages, and whether the book is paperback or hardback.

e Give a point estimate and a 95% CI for the mean price of books in the genre you selected.

f Give a point estimate and a 95% CI for the mean number of pages for books in the genre you selected.

g Explain, to a person who knows no statistics, what your estimates and CIs mean.

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