Coupon user study. A hot topic in marketing research is the exploration of a technology-based self-service (TBSS) encounter, e.g., ATMs, automated hotel checkout, online banking, and express package tracking. Marketing Professor Dan Ladik (University of Suffolk) investigated a customer’s motivation to use a TBSS developed for a firm’s discount coupons. The coupon users received the coupons in one of three ways—mail only (nontechnology user), Internet only (TBSS user), and both mail and Internet. One of the variables of interest in the study was Type of coupon user. In particular, the professor wants to know if the true proportions of mail only, Internet only, and both mail and Internet users differ. In a sample of 440 coupon users, the professor discovered that 262 received coupons via only mail, 43 via only the Internet, and 135 via both mail and Internet. Conduct the appropriate analysis for the professor. Use a = .01.

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