Top Internet search engines. Search Engine Land reported on the “search” shares (i.e., percentage of all Internet searches) for the most popular search engines available on the Web. In December 2013, Google accounted for 65% of all worldwide searches, Baidu for 8%, Yahoo! for 5%, Yandex for 3%, MSN for 2.5%, and all other search engines for 16.5%. Suppose that in a random sample of 1,000 recent Internet searches, 648 used Google, 91 used Baidu, 45 used Yandex, 40 used Yahoo!, 21 used MSN, and 155 used another search engine.

a. Do the sample data disagree with the percentages reported by Search Engine Land? Test using  = .05.

b. Find and interpret a 95% confidence interval for the percentage of all Internet searches that use the Google search engine.

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