Natrella (1963, pp. 13-14) described an experiment on a resistor mounted on a ceramic plate in which the impact of four geometrical shapes of the resistors on the current noise of the resistor is studied. Only three resistors can be mounted on one plate. The design and data for the resistor experiment are given in the following Table: Shape B ? Plate A D 1 0.95 1.11 1.70 1.60 0.82 0.97 2 3 4 1.22 1.11 1.22 1.52 1.54 1.18 (a) (5 points) What is the name of this experimental design? (b) (10 points) If only two resistors can be mounted on one plate, can we still use this type of design? If yes, provide a design for this experiment. If no, provide your reason.

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