Write a Python program to create a batch file for 20 employees. Read Name, ID, weekly hours and rate per hour of 20 employees. Compute Gross Salary. If Gross Salary exceed $2500.00 then deduct 33% Tax; otherwise, deduct 24% Tax. Computer Tax and Net Salary. Write Weekly Hours, Rate per Hour, Gross Salary, Tax, and Net Salary of all employees in another batch file. Display all information of all employees. Make sure your program do the following:

Create a file called Original.txt.

• Type 20 employees’ information and save the file.
• Open the Original file as a read mode
. • Create another file through your program and call it Copy.txt

• Open the Copy file as a write mode
. • Read employee’s information from Original file one at a time.
• Calculate Gross salary, Tax, and Net salary.
• Write employee’s information in the Copy file.

• Once all records are read and written then
• Open the copy file as read mode.
• Read information from Copy file and Display them.
• Close Original file Close Copy file
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