Two Cal Poly freshmen gathered data on a random sample of
textbooks from the campus bookstore in November of 2006. Two of the variables
recorded were the price of the book and the number of pages that it contained.
These data are in the fi le Text book Prices.

a. Identify the explanatory and response variables in this

 b. Determine the equation of the least squares line for predicting
price from number of pages. Report the equation, being sure to use good
statistical notation.

c. Use the least squares line to predict the price of a
500-page textbook. Then do the same for a 1,500-page textbook. Which prediction
would you have more confidence in? Explain.

 d. Interpret what the slope coefficient means in this

e. Determine the proportion of variability in textbook
prices that is explained by knowing the number of pages in the book.

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