IPUMS exercises. Exercise 37 of Chapter 2 described the IPUMS data.

a Using one or more of the following variables: age,sex,race, or marstat, divide the population into strata. Explain how you decided upon your stratification variable and how you chose the number of strata to use. (Note: It is NOT FAIR to use the values of inctot in the population to choose your strata! However, you may draw a pilot sample of size 200 using an SRS to aid you in constructing your strata.)

b Using the strata you constructed, draw a stratified random sample using proportional allocation. Use the same overall sample size you used for your SRS in Exercise 37 of Chapter 2. Explain how you calculated the sample size to be drawn from each stratum.

c Using the stratified sample you selected with proportional allocation, estimate the total income for the population, along with a 95% CI.

d Using the pilot sample of size 200 to estimate the within-stratum variances, use optimal allocation to determine sample stratum sizes. Use the same value of n as in part 37b, which is the same n from the SRS in Exercise 37 of Chapter 2. Draw a stratified random sample from the population along with a 95% CI.

e Under what conditions can optimal allocation be expected to perform much better than proportional allocation? Do these conditions exist for this population? Comment on the relative performance you observed between these two allocations.

f Overall, do you think your stratification was worthwhile for sampling from this population? How did your stratified estimates compare with the estimate from the SRS you took in Chapter 2? If you were to start over on the stratification, what would you do differently?


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