Hampson and Walker also made measurements of the heats of sublimation of rhodium and iridium. Do the following calculations for each of the two given sets of data:

a Make a histogram.

b Make a stem-and-leaf plot.

c Make a boxplot.

d Plot the observations in the order of the experiment.

e Does that statistical model of independent and identically distributed measurement errors seem reasonable?

f Find the mean, 10% and 20% trimmed means, and median and compare them.

g Find the standard error of the sample mean and a corresponding approximate 90% confidence interval.

h Find a confidence interval based on the median that has as close to 90% coverage as possible.

i Use the bootstrap to approximate the sampling distributions of the 10% and 20% trimmed means and their standard errors and compare.

J Use the bootstrap to approximate the sampling distribution of the median and its standard error. Compare to the corresponding results for trimmed means above.

k Find approximate 90% confidence intervals based on the trimmed means and compare to the intervals for the mean and median found previously.

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