For the Students data file at the text website (see Exercise 1.11 on page 21), use software to conduct graphical and numerical summaries for

(a) distance from home town,

(b) weekly hours of TV watching. Describe the shapes of the distributions, and summarize your findings.

Exercise 1.11

The Students data file at the text websites www. shows responses of a class of social science graduate students at the University of Florida to a questionnaire that asked about  female,  male), AGE, high school  (on a four-point scale),  college GPA,  distance (in miles) of the campus from your home town,  distance (in miles) of the classroom from your current residence, average number of hours per week that you watch  average number of hours per week that you participate in sports or have other physical exercise,  number of times a week you read a newspaper,  number of people you know who have died from AIDS or who are  whether you are a vegetarian (yes,  no),  political affiliation ( Democrat, Republican,  independent),  political ideology ( very liberal,  liberal, slightly liberal,  moderate,  slightly conservative,  conservative, very conservative), how often you attend religious services ( never,  occasionally, most weeks,  every week), opinion about whether abortion should be legal in the first three months of pregnancy (yes,  no),  support affirmative action ( yes, no), and LIFE = belief in life after death ( yes,  no,  undecided). You will use this data file for exercises in later chapters.

(a) Practice accessing a data file for statistical analysis with your software by going to this website and copying this data file. Print a copy of the data file. How many observations (rows) are there in the data file?

(b) Give an example of a question that could be addressed using these data with (i) descriptive statistics, (ii) inferential statistics.

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