Identifying financial versus managerial accounting characteristics

Required Indicate whether each of the following is representative of managerial or of financial accounting.

a. Information is factual and is characterized by objectivity, reliability, consistency, and accuracy.

b. Information is reported continuously and has a current or future orientation.

c. Information is provided to outsiders including investors, creditors, government agencies, analysts, and reporters.

 d. Information is regulated by the SEC, FASB, and other sources of GAAP.

 e. Information is based on estimates that are bounded by relevance and timeliness.

 f. Information is historically based and usually reported annually.

 g. Information is local and pertains to subunits of the organization.

 h. Information includes economic and nonfinancial data as well as financial data.

 i. Information is global and pertains to the company as a whole.

 j. Information is provided to insiders including executives, managers, and operators.

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