John Tonelli was an exceptionally talented young hockey player who, in 1973 attheage of16, entered into a two-year contract with the Toronto Marlboros Major Junior A hockey dub, a team in the Ontario Major Junior A Hockey League. Theleague had an agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL) that prevented the drafting of underage players and that called for tl1e payment of certain fees once a player was drafted at the end of his junior career. However, a similar agreement could not be read1ed with the World Hockey Association (WHA). John- like all other junior hockey players of his time- was forced to sign a new contract as a conru ti on of continuing to play in the junior league. This new contract essentially bound him to play three years longer than his earlier contract with the Toronto Marlboros; in addition, it imposed monetary penalties if he signed with a professional team that time frame or a period of three years after he ceased to be eligible to play in the junior league. As soon as he turned 18 (the age of majority), John abandoned the contract with the Toronto Marlboros and signed with the Houston Aeros, a professional team. The Marlboros sued him for bread1 of contract. 67 Is John's contract enforceable against him? lf yes, does this seem fair, and from whose point of view? lf no, is it fair that John can sign a contract and then ignore his obligations under it?

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