Julie Langille decided to sell her large recreational vehicle (RV). Considerable portions of the RV floor had suffered termite damage and, in turn, had led to some rotting. Before dealing with any potential buyers, Julie decided to purchase several small area rugs and place them tluoughout the RV, including over all the areas that had termite damage. “I'm entitled to do any kind of interior redecorating that I see fit. If a buyer is too stupid to look under the rugs to see what's going on, well that's not my problem.” she thought to herself. Soon thereafter, Reginald Rother purchased the trailer from Julie. At no time during negotiations did Julie disclose the termite damage, nor did Reginald make any inquiries. Julie did say, however, that she loved the RV and that it had never given her a moment's worry. Reginald has recently found the termite damage and is appalled. Can Reginald m ccessfully sue Julie? On what basis?

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