├é┬áMadeline was 35 years old when she was seriously injured in a car accident caused by tl1e other driver. She was hospitalized for over a month. An insurance adjuster (an employee of the insurer of the culpable driver) visited Madeline ather home upon her release from the hospital with the hope of getting her to agree to settle her case out of court for a set amount of money. Though the adjuster knew Madeline would almost certainly win her case in court and be awarded damages at least in the amount of$ 250000, he offered only $50 000, assuring her that he had her best interests at heart and it was time to “wrap things up.” Madeline felt confused during the conversation as she was on strong painkillers to help deal with the terrible headaches she suffered as a result of the accident She reaHywas not quite sure what was going on. Madeline asked for a minute to think about what he had said because she was feeling unwell, but the adjuster was adamant. Madeline then took the pen that the adjuster handed her and signed the agreement. Madeline now realizes that she has made a terrible deal. What doctrines in this chapter are relevant to the situation? Do you think Madeline is bound?

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