Recall the previous exercise about
social norms. Data were also collected in a hallway inside a building and on a
sidewalk outside in a park and are given in the data fi le Social Norms
Location. Is there an association between whether you collide with oncoming
pedestrians and location?

a. State the appropriate null and
alternative hypotheses in the context of the study.

b. Choose either a
simulation-based approach or a theory-based approach to test your hypotheses
from part (a).

 • If you have chosen to use a
theory-based approach, be sure to explain why you think this is a valid
approach. That is, state the validity conditions and explain how you are
deciding whether or not these conditions are met.

• Analyze the data using
technology (either an applet or statistical software). Be sure to report the
following: the name of the statistic you are using and its value (from the
study) and the p-value.

 • State your conclusion in the
context of the study.

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