Refer to the previous exercise about the study of the
relationship between level of physical activity and aging.

 a. Explain why it would be okay to use the theory-based
method to find a p-value for this study.

 b. Use an appropriate applet (for example, the Multiple
Proportions applet) to find and report the following from the data: (i) the
name of the statistic and its numeric value and (ii) the theory-based p-value.

 c. Interpret the p-value in the context of the study.

d. State a complete conclusion about this study, including
significance, causation, and generalization. Be sure to explain how you are
arriving at your conclusion.

 e. If relevant, use an applet to find and report a set of
confidence intervals appropriate for the context. Also, interpret the
confidence intervals in the context of the study. If not relevant, explain why
it is not particularly useful to look at confidence intervals for the
parameter(s) of interest in the context of this study

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