Basic simulation. Use Table A to simulate the responses of 10 independently chosen adults in each of the four situations of Exercise 19.3.

(a) For situation (a), use line 110.

(b) For situation (b), use line 111.

(c) For situation (c), use line 112.

(d) For situation (d), use line 113.

Exercise 19.3

Which party does it better? An opinion poll selects adult Americans at random and asks them, “Which political party, Democratic or Republican, do you think is better able to manage the economy?” Explain carefully how you would assign digits from Table A to simulate the response of one person in each of the following situations.

(a) Of all adult Americans, 50% would choose the Democrats and 50% the Republicans.

(b) Of all adult Americans, 60% would choose the Democrats and 40% the Republicans.

(c) Of all adult Americans, 40% would choose the Democrats, 40% would choose the Republicans, and 20% are undecided.

(d) Of all adult Americans, 49% would choose the Democrats, 38% the Republicans, and 13% are undecided. (These were the percentages in a September 2010 Gallup Poll.)

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