maintains almost 3,000 palm trees, many of which line the streets to enhance the natural scenic beauty. With proper water, fertilizer, and care, Canary Island palms are quite hardy. Unfortunately, contaminated horticultural tools can spread bud rot fungus (Phytophthora palmivora) from tree to tree. The fungal infection can kill the tree, diminishing the aesthetics of a tree-lined street. Two methods, chemical and non-chemical, can prevent or control bud rot fungus. Chemical controls such as mancozeb or basic copper sulfate, effectively control bud rot fungus, but use of chemicals is not advisable in windy open areas. The “virgin soil” technique is another strategy for controlling the fungus. This technique calls for placing soil that has never supported palms around the roots of the palm trees, protecting the roots from the fungus; all subsequent care of the soil uses carefully sanitized horticultural 9) The scores on a psychology exam were normally distributed with a mean of 67and a standard deviation of seven what is the standard score for an exam score of 62? 4) tools. The virgin soil method is non-chemical. Wal-Mart, Costco and Target. He was able to locate some revenue data – found on the Excel sheet. Tom is interested in what all these data tell him. He has asked you to analyze the data for him and tell him what you discover. Comnare and contrast the three comnanies Questions to answer. Which company is growing
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