Apart from programs like emacs, which are supplied through public software repositories, there are a number of programs written specifically for this course. These are supplied as source files accessible through the book website. As a first example, download the program drawGenes. It is a good idea to keep source packages in the same place, so make a directory Software in your home directory and copy the source package of drawGenesinto it. Then unpack it (c.f. Problem24), change into the new directory and compile the code by typing make. This generates the program drawGenes. Again, programs are best kept in one place, so make the directory ˜/Bin and copy drawGenes into it. Return to your current directory. What happens when you try executing drawGenes?

Problem 24:

Download the example data from the book website

copy it into your current directory, and unpack it

This generates the directory Data. How many files does it contain?

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