To make the system aware of the new directory for executables,˜/Bin, we need to change the set of directories in which the system looks for executables when it receives a command like ls. This set of directories is defined in the bash variable PATH. To alter PATH, open ˜/.bashrc in emacs and add the line

at the end. Then return to your current working directory and load the new PATH information

The first thing to do now is to test the old PATH is still working by trying to execute ls. If this fails, PATH needs to be reset. On Linux this is done by entering

on OSX by entering

Then try again to change PATH in .bashrc. Once this has worked, test that drawGenes is executable from within your working directory

This might seem like a long-winded method for installing programs. The good news is that .bashrc is always loaded when a new terminal is opened, so source only needs to be executed if .bashrc is changed during a terminal session. The next program installed manually just needs to be copied into ˜/Bin to become available to you everywhere. The command which locates an executable file; try for example

Where is ls located on your system?

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