Start this session by changing into the directory BiProblems. Then make a new directory, UnixScripts, and change into it. As we already saw in Problem 46, commands that work directly on the command line can usually be included in a bash script and then executed. The command we start off with is

Enter this on the command line. If we wanted to separate the two words by three blanks, we might try

but this has the same effect as the original command. Try using single quotes to get the desired effect.

Problem 46:

When dealing with longer commands like the one for drawing the genes in M. genitalium (Problem 45), it is often more convenient to edit them in a separate file, which can then be executed by the bash. Such files are called “scripts”. Copy the solution to Problem 45 into the file and run it

What happens if you try to execute directly by typing

Problem 45:

Draw the genes of M. genitalium. Is the bias in their distribution between the strands visible?

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