Three sets of pairs (x, y) are given here. For each set, (I) plot y versus x, (ii) find a power of y to use in place of y itself to get a linear plot, and (iii) plot that power of y versus x. a. (0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 8), (3, 27) b. (1, 10), (2, 5), (5, 2), (10, 1) c. (100, 10), (64, 8), (25, 5), (9, 3), (1, 1)  In P35, suppose that, instead of plotting a power of y versus x, you plot y versus a power of x. For each of the three sets of pairs (x, y), find the power of x for which the points lie on a line. What is the relationship between the powers of y in P35 and the powers of x in this problem?

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