From Exercise 1, we also have data on how long each person has been with the company (tenure) categorized into three levels: less than 1 year, between 1 and 5 years, and more than 5 years. A table of the two variables together looks like:

a) Find the marginal distribution of the tenure. (Hint: Find the row totals.)

b) Verify that the marginal distribution of the education level is the same as that given in

Exercise 1

As part of the human resource group of your company you are asked to summarize the educational levels of the 512 employees in your division. From company records, you find that 164 have no college degree (None), 42 have an associate’s degree (AA), 225 have a bachelor’s degree (BA), 52 have a master’s degree (MA), and 29 have PhDs. For the educational level of your division:

a) Make a frequency table.

b) Make a relative frequency table.

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