Consider an organisation of your choice. Critically evaluate the key resources, capabilities and core competences of this organisation using appropriate Resource Based View models. Evaluate the ease with which competitors might imitate the organisation’s resources, capabilities and core competences. What changes in the external business environment can make those resources, capabilities and core competences less valuable to the organisation?

Indicative answer

Three stages need to be covered:

1. Clearly identify resources and capabilities. This could be achieved by framing these around the value chain

2. Apply a VRIO assessment to the resources identified to achieve a clear evaluation of these resources

3. Identify possible macro/competitive environment changes that may make the resources less valuable Award marks if other RBV models are identified/used such as distinctive/threshold capabilities and dynamic capabilities. Higher marks awarded for those who can link possible changes in the external environment (PESTLE, 5 Forces) to the impact that this will have on the relevance/value of resources.

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