The Purpose of conducting research is to investigate the relationship and impact of organizational commitment, organizational culture and individual factors with Organizational turnover in the organizations. The various researcher explicates the relationship and it is proven due to organizational commitment and culture people leave organization and search for better opportunity and better place. The Human resource management strives to build the organizational commitment with better benefits, better working place, and better organizational culture to retain talented employees in the organization. This research conducted in banking sector industry and participant are from managers and middle management employees working in commercial banks. The research conducted through the probability sampling and 390 survey forms filled from banking employees in Karachi-Pakistan. The research conducted in Post-Positivism research Paradigm and Pure Quantitative research through Self-Administered Questionnaires. The Constructs are the Organizational Commitment, Organizational Culture and Organizational Individual Factors affects the Job Satisfaction of employees. The analysis revealed that there is significant relationship of Organizational Commitment, Culture and Individual Factors, on Turnover intentions. The Organizational culture is significant predictor evaluates the turnover in banking sector industry in Pakistan. The research will be useful for banking industry to analyses the turnover issues and factors of turnover and improve turnover intentions of employees


Based on research scenario given on “Factors affecting employee turnover”, develop a Questionnaire from data collection by using 5 points Likert scale.

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