Critically evaluate the Internet as a medium for advertising. Your answer should clearly show the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet when compared to conventional methods. (05 Marks)

(b) Identify and explain the various ways in which organizations can exploit the power of social media e.g Facebook. Support your answer with contemporary examples. (02 Marks)

(C) Wipro’s Sodas is a soft drink manufacturer in the nearby area. The company is considering introducing a new cola drink, called wipro fizzy Soda. The company wants to know what kind of impact this new drink will have on the company’s finances. So, they decided to calculate the break-even point, so that the company and his management team can determine whether this new product will be worth the investment.

His accounting costs are as follows, for the first month the product will be in production:

Fixed Costs = $2,000 (total, for the month)

Variable Costs = .40 (per can produced)

Sales Price = $1.50 (a can)

Calculating the Break-Even Point in Units

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