Your resuscitation team is called to an emergency cesarean section of a 38-week gestation infant with absent fetal movement and heart rate for 5 minutes. An apneic, flaccid, and cyanotic infant is handed to you. After drying, suctioning and positioning, the infant remains apneic without heartbeat and is gray and mottled. Over the next few minutes, the team intubates the infant, provides effective positive pressure ventilation, and begins well-coordinated chest compressions. An umbilical venous line is placed for epinephrine and volume replacement. Throughout the resuscitation, the team has never been able to establish a heartbeat in the infant. At what point may the team stop resuscitation?

A. After 5 minutes of resuscitation

B. After 10 minutes of resuscitation

C. After 15 minutes of resuscitation

D. When the parents have been presented all alternatives

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