Write a short essay on the following topic:

How the practice and the exercise of code of ethics are related to culture and habits in society?
And include as a subtopic:
Which codes of ethics (refer to nspe) are relatively more practiced, which are not?
Notes and suggestions:
Begin with selecting a specific community identified with certain culture and habits. (could be national, regional or cross border or the society you have been living in)
Make a comparison between the reality and NSPE code of ethics.
Consider the factors such as below that have a bias on the professional conduct (you can think up more)
Responding to time/budget pressures impairing work quality?
Tolerating vs. warning others about their mistakes?
Divulging vs. withholding own mistakes?
Utilisation of friendship, fellowship, partisanship, etc. at workplace
Rationalisation of misconduct: But everybody/majority does so…, If I am not going to do so, someone else will definitely do…., This is the way here to achieve it…

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