Block size = 8 bits

Hash size = 8 bits
Encryption function: Divide the key into two halves: LK and RK; Divide the plaintext into two halves: LT and RT; Then ciphertext= LC||RC where LC=LK XOR RT; and RC = RK XOR LT; where LC, RC, LT, and RT are each 4 bits; Plaintext and ciphertext are each 8 bits.
g(H) = an 8-bit string that is equal to the complement of bits in H; For example, if H=A3 (Hexa) = 10100011 (binary); then g(H)= 01011100
H0 = Initial hash = F4

M = DAB9

Determine the hash (in hexadecimal) of the message M using Martyas-Meyer-Oseas hash function

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