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ROMAN NUMBERS CLASS We now have everything we need to write a complete Roman Numbers data type. Yes, it looks intimidating, but you have already written most of the code. All that really remains is to do all of the operator overloading, and the only data type you have to worry about is int so that is easy. Many of the operator overloads just require one line of C++ code. We will accompany this with an InvalidRomanNumberException type, which will be thrown as necessary. I have given the UML as “private” and “public” blocks so it follows the flow of your C++ code. RomanNumber // private data and functions theValue: int // the integer value of the RomanNumber // private helper functions, all from the earlier Roman Number assignment bool isValidDecimalNumber(string) // used by a constructor bool isValidRomanNumber(string) // used by a constructor string convertRomanToDecimal(string) // used by a constructor // public constant and functions // class constant // const static means one value is shared by all instances of the class // in java we would say static final maxValue: const static int // value of the largest RomanNumber // should be at least 4999, go higher if you can // constructors RomanNumber // default RomanNumber // value is 1 (one) as we cannot have zero RomanNumber (int) // creates a RomanNumber using the given int; // throw an exception if zero or negative // throw an exception if greater than maxValue RomanNumber(double) // cast to int and invoke the previous constructor RomanNumber(string) // create a RomanNumber based on the given string // that string could be decimal or Roman // throw an exception if invalid // this is where you need those private functions RomanNumber(RomanNumber) // copy constructor, just copy theValue // type casts (int) // casts a RomanNumber to int (just return theValue) (double) // casts a RomanNumber to double (again, just theValue) (string) // casts a RomanNumber to string (just call toString) // I/O functions toString: string // provides the RomanNumber as a string; e.g. MCMLXXVII // your DecimalToRoman function from the previous // assignment is the code you need here // since operator> aren’t invoked by a RomanNumber, // we need to give them full access to our class; thus they are “friends” friend operator> // input stream, accepts anything // (int, double, string, RomanNumber) // that a RomanNumber constructor can take // math operations; note that this is all integer arithmetic // all should throw an exception if result maxValue operator+= // write these first, then build the next five from them operator-= operator*= operator/= operator%= operator+ // build these from the above as in the previous demo operatoroperator* operator/ operator% // relational operators operator== // these are all one line functions operator!= operator< operator operator>= Run the provided RomanNumberDemo code against your class. DO NOT ALTER THE PROVIDED CODE IN ANY WAY. Submit your code and a screen shot of the running demo code with all output shown.

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