Write a program that maintains an event planner’s top 10 vendors. Each vendor has the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Role (Caterer, DJ, MC, Band, Decorator, or Photographer)
  4. Retainer Fee Required
  5. 3-hour event base charge

The program should use an array of 10 structures. The program should read the favorites from a data file named “Favorite Vendors.txt”. It should also allow the user to display all of the vendor data on the screen, edit any vendors data, and save the data back to the file when changes are made. The program should have a menu-driven user interface. You may organize your menu in any way you see fit.

Input Validation: When the data for the vendor is entered by the user, be sure the user enters data for all the fields No negative amounts should be entered for a fees and base charges.

Note:You may assume that the input file is always well-formed; and therefore, you do not need to validate its structure.

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