The Gaubert Marketing Company needs the following number of telemarketers on the phones during the upcoming week: Monday 23, Tuesday 16, Wednesday 21, Thursday 17, Friday 20, Saturday 12, and Sunday 15. Each employee works five consecutive days followed by 2 days off per week. How many telemarketers should be scheduled each day of the week to begin their five-day work week? The objective is to minimize the total number of employees needed to fulfill the daily requirements. (a) Solve as an IP model. (b) Additional information is now available for Gaubert. Daily pay from Monday through Friday is $90, pay for Saturday is $110, and Sunday workers earn $125. In addition, up to four people can be hired who will work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Their pay for this three-day week is $250. The new objective is to minimize total weekly labor costs. Revise the IP model and solve it

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