Refer to Exercise 9.10. Having looked at the collected sample, we consider an alternative supplier. A sample of 150 items produced by the new supplier contains 13 defective items.

Is there significant evidence that the quality of items produced by the new supplier is higher than the quality of items in Exercise 9.10? What is the P-value?

Exercise 9.10

We have to accept or reject a large shipment of items. For quality control purposes, we collect a sample of 200 items and find 24 defective items in it.

(a) Construct a 96% confidence interval for the proportion of defective items in the whole shipment.

(b) The manufacturer claims that at most one in 10 items in the shipment is defective. At the 4% level of significance, do we have sufficient evidence to disprove this claim? Do we have it at the 15% level?

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