1. A nurse is providing dietary teaching to a patient with diverticulitis who has an order for a low-fiber diet. Which food selected by the patient indicates that the dietary teaching was understood? Select all that apply.

a. ____White rice

b. ____Split peas

c. ____Soft tofu

d. ____Oatmeal

e. ____Pasta

2. A patient is attending the health clinic for treatment of hemorrhoids. The nurse reviews the patient’s history, interviews the patient, and performs a focused assessment. Which factors does the nurse conclude may have influenced the development of the hemorrhoids? Select all that apply.

a. ____Stands for long periods of time at work

b. ____Drinks a glass of wine with dinner

c. ____Has had multiple pregnancies

d. ____Tends to have constipation

e. ____Isobes

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