Your manager wants to know if readers are less interested in seeing the television guide in the paper. If interest is falling off, then the paper can save money by not printing the tv shows. The last time the question was researched, 39% of readers said they checked the tv guide regularly. You survey a new random sample of 100 readers and find that 75 of them say that they never check the tv guide. You analyze the results and get a p-value of .018. What can you tell your manager?

(A) We need a bigger sample; we can’t be sure if reader interest in the tv guide has changed.

(B) Readers care about the tv guide as much today as they did the last time we studied this question.

(C) We can be confident that reader interest in the tv guide has dwindled.

(D) We can be quite sure that reader interest in the tv guide is increasing.

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