Refer to Exercise 3.55.

a. Is the average of the mean expenditures of families with three or fewer members less than the average of the mean expenditures for families with four or more members? Use   .05.

b. Which pairs of the five groups have significantly different mean expenditures? Use an experimentwise error rate of .05.

Exercise 3.55

Data are collected on the weekly expenditures of a sample of urban households on food (including restaurant expenditures). The data, obtained from diaries kept by each household, are grouped by number of members of the household. The expenditures are as follows:

a. Compute the mean expenditure separately for each of the five groups.

b. Combine the five data sets into a single data set and then compute the mean expenditure.

 c. Describe a method by which the mean for the combined data set could be obtained from the five individual means.

 e. Describe the relation (if any) among the mean expenditures for the five groups.

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