Social Media and The Role of Nursing

Topic: Social Media and The Role of Nursing

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in this assessment you are to draw upon the concepts of the Modified Stripling Model (2003) and examine your responsibilities as a university nursing student and a future registered nurse with the use of social media by exploring the University of South Australia Student Code of Conduct, University of South Australia Social Media Guidelines (2014) and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Social Media Policy (2014).

Your task is to:

1- Provide an introduction to your discussion.
2- Briefly describe how you currently engage with social media(first person speech). eg(facebook, twitter etc)
3- Discuss how your use of social media will change with your role as a nursing student and future health care professional(third person speech).
4- Conclude with a statement describing how your understanding of social media use has changed as a result of your reading.

words counts (1000) and 10 journal articles peer viewed only references


Gerontological Nursing

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Please log into my school. Please type Ohio University

go to current student.

Username …..hm538113


click on Gerontological Nursing

click on Module 5



Click on the Rubrics and Detailed instructions. Please follow Detailed instructions since I don’t want to fail the class.
Please follow the detailed instructions,

All requirements must be completed or I

get a refund. There must be Nursing

Diagnosis for this patient, two developed

plans one for each diagnoses. Please go to module 3 and 4 written Assignment for more informations on the other Assessment tools. It is also very important that you use my Text Book for more information and for you to be successful. Will download or email you some other information I obtained that you might need for this paper. Please utilize any registered nurse u know to complete paper.

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