Social Issues: An Analysis of a Topic and an Organization using a Sociological Perspective

SOC 210 Assignment:

Social Issues: An Analysis of a Topic and an Organization using a Sociological Perspective

To prepare you for your SOC 210 research paper:

In the research paper, students will get the chance to choose one topic that exists in society that they think are valid and have a lot of importance. Below are the requirements for the assignment:

I. Introduction (5 points)

II. Topic selection and explanation for choosing the topic. Although many different viewpoints in social science are valid and have a lot of importance, it is equally important for us to understand how sociology looks at the nature of a social issue or phenomenon in society today by applying the sociological perspective. Provide some background and/or information concerning why you choose this particular topic (10 points)

III. Explain the scope of why the social issue is considered a serious issue. Provide research within the past 5 years. Is it increasing, and if so, how? Among which groups of people, age, race, social class, gender, geographic location and for how long (20 points)

IV. Identify at least four concepts (i.e. socialization, norms, gender, deviance, dehumanization, cultural universal, alienation, role expectations, life span, etc.) from our text that are relevant to your chosen social topic. Demonstrate your understanding of the sociological perspective. How do these concepts help us better understand the nature of the social topic you are discussing? (30 points)

V. What might be one important way in which the social issue is currently being addressed in society? Provide an example of a current event, news report or a contemporary example. (5 points)

VI. Analysis of an organization related to the social issues. Describe one organization in the community that is addressing the social issue you have researched. Are they working helping to create homeless shelters, are they helping receive drug treatment, are they working with state and local authorities to curb suffering in some area, etc. Provide the function of the organization, its main goals and duties, and the population they serve. (5 points)

VII. Conclusion. (5 points)

VIII. Include at least 5 references (at least three references should be an academic peer-reviewed journal article from our FTCC library). MLA format style, proper grammar and sentence structure. (20 points)

Remember that you will need at least 5 academic sources minimum for your paper. Start to search our FTCC library for those needed sources. For example, peer-reviewed journal articles can be found in our library. Your paper should be 4- 5 pages.

Instructions on How to Submit Your Paper in Blackboard:

· Browse your computer and Attach your file

· Check the box that says you agree to submit your paper to the Global Reference

· Submit once you are finished. (Your paper is NOT submitted if you Save Draft.)

Below are some FTCC resources to help with gathering references:

FTCC library link:

(you may start your search by Keyword (such as your topic you chose about the family and/or country or ethic group. You can also search by author or title.

Other electronic databases are available through our FTCC library: NC Live, Diversity Studies Collection and Gender Studies Collection are also available through our FTCC library (if off campus, please contact our FTCC library for password access if needed: 910-678-0080; reference desk.

You may also consider other additional sources: .edu., .org., .gov. sites such as:

Pew Research Center (

World Health Organization ( (

Formatting Requirements

· Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.

· Use one-inch margins.

· Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.

· Use double line spacing in the document

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